Unction is the annointing of the Holy Ghost that gives divine power, divine push, divine authority--to your words, your mind, your life. Unction gives you great freedom of thought and expression in the things of God. Unction goes far beyond good oratorical skills--Peter and John were "ignorant and unlearned men" yet the people marvelled at their preaching (Acts 4:13). Unction is the divine afflatus (inspiration) independent of man's paltry wisdom. Listeners know that the annointed speaker has the power of God on him. When a speaker does not have it, those who are discerning soon recognize it. Those who've experienced it know when they are operating in it--and know that when they get in self it leaves. I have a quote in my files (and no source with it, sorry) which says this about the necessity of unction, that annointing of the Holy Ghost--

" 'The things of the Spirit of God . . . are spiritually discerned ' (I Cor. ii. 14), says Paul. It is not by searching and philosophizing that these things are found out, but by revelation. 'Flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee,' said Jesus to Peter, ' but My Father which is in Heaven ' (Matt. xvi. 17). The great teacher of truth is the Spirit of Truth, and the only safe expounders and guardians of sound doctrine are men filled with the Holy Ghost.

"Study and research have their place, and an important place; but in spiritual things they will be of no avail unless prosecuted by spiritual men. As well might men blind from birth attempt to study the starry heavens, and men born deaf undertake to expound and criticize the harmonies of Bach and Beethoven. Men must see and hear to speak and write intelligently on such subjects. And so men must be spiritually enlightened to understand spiritual truth.

"The greatest danger to any religious organization is that a body of men should arise in its ranks, and hold its positions of trust, who have learned its great fundamental doctrines BY ROTE out of the catechism, but have no experimental knowledge of their truth inwrought by the mighty anointing of the Holy Ghost, and who are destitute of' an unction from the Holy One' [this has happened in this day], by which, says John, ' ye know all things' (I John ii. 2o, 2 7)."

I was a leader in the Women's Fellowship of my church. One night on my way to a meeting, my heart felt far from the Lord. I cut off my Christian music and began to pray. I kept calling on the Lord and told Him that if He didn't show up at our meeting, it would go no where. Then a strange prayer came out of my mouth. I told the Lord that if I needed to stumble over my words in order to get Self out of the way, then so be it. At the meeting that night, I stumbled over my words at the beginning of the meeting and God indeed showed up. Lives are still being impacted by a meeting held back in December. It does not matter how much preparation we make, if the Lord does not show up, the power is not there. Jesus Christ MUST have the PREEMINENCE before, during, and after any event. We must seek HIS GLORY and His presence and His spiritual blessing on our ministries. I pray, fast and beg the Lord to show up--and He does.

A few days ago (today is 3-14-01) I came across a few selections on unction by E.M. Bounds. They put words to what the Lord impressed on my spirit about the necessity of His presence when I am attempting to share His word--our fathers called it "unction", I've been calling it, "The Lord showing up". Here are the three short selections that I read--"Unction a Necessity", "Unction, the Mark of True Gospel Preaching", and "Much Prayer is the Price of Unction". They come from E.M. Bounds' classic on prayer entitled, "The Power of Prayer".

E.M. Bounds
on Unction

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