FOR A CHRISTIAN DEATH IS PLEASANT. After having strolled sufficiently among the Christians and having examined their behavior, I finally saw that Death also moves among them. But it is not as in the world--of a hideous, naked, and repulsive appearance--but is wrapped up neatly in the linen-clothes which Christ left in His grave. Death approached one here and another there and informed them that it was time for them to depart from the world. Oh, what a joy, what a rapture was his who received this message! They submit to all manner of pain, even the sword, fire, pincers, or any other torture, only to hasten the time of their deliverance. Then each falls alseep peacefully, quietly, and gladly.

2 WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM AFTER DEATH. Watching what was to follow, I observed that the angels, according to God's command, found for each of them a spot where his body is to have its little resting chamber. When the body is placed there by friends or enemies, or even by the angels themselves, the latter guard the tomb so that the bodies of the saints are secure from Satan lest the least grain of dust should be lost. Other angels, meanwhile, taking the soul, convey it up in splendor and with wonderful raptures. When I gazed after them (adjusting my glasses), I perceived there glory ineffable.

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