When I concluded, my Savior, Jesus Christ, addressed me from the midst of that throne in these delectable words: "Do not fear, my beloved, for I, your Redeemer, am with you; I am your comforter, be not afraid. Behold, your iniquity is taken away and your sin is blotted out. Rejoice and be glad, for your name is written among these, and if you will serve me faithfully, you shall become one of them. Whatever you have seen, use it in the fear of me, and in time you shall behold greater things than these. Guard yourself in the calling with which I have called you and walk in the way to glory that I have pointed out to you. As long as I leave you in the world, remain there as a pilgrim, a stranger, an alien, and a guest; but with me you are a member of my household, for I grant you the right of citizenship. Therefore, seek to have your conversation here, and have your mind ever lifted up to me as constantly as you can, but condescend to your neighbors as low as possible. Make use of the earthly things as long as you live on earth, but determined against the world and the flesh. Guard within yourself the wisdom I gave you, but outwardly observe the simplicity I commanded you. Have a vocal heart, but a silent tongue. Be sensitive to the sufferings of your neighbors, but inured to the wrongs inflicted upon yourself. Serve me alone with your soul, but with your body whomsoever you can or must. What I command, do, what I lay upon you, bear. Be restrained toward the world, but intimate with me. Remain in the world with your body, but with me with your heart. If you do these things, blessed are you, and it shall be well with you. Depart now, my beloved, and persevere in your calling to the end, joyfully using the solace which I have brought you."

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